ERMA Assessment Portal

Getting Started

Welcome to Enterprise Risk Management Academy Assessment Portal, an online facility that would enable you to take ERMA’s certification exam from all over the glove. In this section, we will help you in getting started on the path to ERMA’s professional certification.

Where do I begin?

Before getting started, we recommend you to learn more about the assessment components. You can understand how your certification is evaluated by accessing the Assessment Components.

After that, you can Access Reading Materials section to prepare yourself for the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to finish the exam?

The Assessment Portal will be available to you for 3 months after your account activation. However, you are required to finish the exam within 8 hours after you have started it. Therefore, we strongly recommend to take your time before choosing to start the exam.


What if I am unable to complete the exam within this 3-month period?

If you are unable to complete the exam within the provided time, please fill the Exam Extension Request, and we’ll provide additional time for you to complete the exam. Please note that this request is applicable only to exam takers who have not completed the exam.

Am I allowed to stop during the exam?

Yes, you may stop at anytime during the 8 hours exam period. However, please do not log out of your account during this 8 hours period.


How long will I have to wait for the result?

For the ERMA Exam Assessment, the result will be sent to your registered email typically within 5-10 working days upon passing the exam.


Got any other questions?

If you feel that you have a specific question that is not being addressed in our Getting Started section, and wish to contact us directly, please go to our Help Center . One of our support staffs will be glad to answer your questions.