Marc Schaedeli

Eastern Europe

Marc Schaedeli is CEO of The Consulting Group AG. He is a qualified food technologist (ETHZ). Marc brings extensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) expertise including Loss Prevention, Business Continuity, Captive Management, and Risk Financing. He is an experienced risk assessment facilitator (for 750+ businesses and/or projects) with 20 years’ experience in risk management. He played a pivotal role in governance and compliance, human rights, and task force management activities (Listeria, SARS, Flu Pandemic, Ebola, etc.).

Prior to his current role, Marc was Head of Group Risk Management at Nestlé. As part of the global role at Nestlé, he also initiated and coordinated the first global loss prevention program (700+ sites visited across 80+ countries) and implemented Business Continuity Management throughout the organization. Marc worked also for Zurich Insurance and provided consulting services in consumer research as well in technical advisory services. He holds a degree in Food Process Engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (dipl. LM-Ing ETHZ).