August 25, 2022 Thursday,8:00 AM

GRC Summit 2022

Program Synopsis

Many organizations in various sectors face uncertainty. Uncertainty comes from multiple aspects, such as political instability, pandemic, the digital era, and many more. Uncertainty raises the risk for an organization in achieving sustainability of the organization and the ability of the organization to create value.

The combination of distributed ledgers, AI, and increasing interconnectivity of devices create challenges and opportunity. This is not uncertain. Neither is it uncertain that the speed and the consequences of change are increasing. As you accurately note, current environmental, social and political issues add greatly to the complexity. “Anticipating” becomes an essential capability to succeed and thrive in thus new reality. But Linear thinking will not suffice in the face of exponential technologies. And the increasing focus on “ESG” makes the work of GRC even more difficult.

GRC Summit 2022 is an annual event that brings together practicians, academicians, and regulators from various industrial backgrounds (local and foreigner) to share their perspectives and experience in practicing Integrated GRC. This year, the topic is Sailing in the multiverse of uncertainty.
This seminar and masterclass event aims to discuss how The Integrated GRC Concept can contribute to the organization sailing in the uncertainty, facing the risk, and can create sustainable value.

More Information

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