February 20, 2020 Thursday,9:00 AM

Risk Governance Master Class – Lagos, Nigeria

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The output of today's good risk governance is doing things differently and doing new things rightly. Risk governance builds ERM environment or culture that inform the thinking processes of staff in an organization so that better and wiser decisions can be made under uncertainty.

In the Risk Governance Master Class, all participants would learn how to do prospective work which would help open up their thinking to what might be possible, as opposed to business-as-usual mentality around what they believe is possible and will occur. It is about shifting the focus and thinking from short term to long term. Since we are now in the cognitive era, participants would be introduced to cognitive performance excellence solutions that would help advance their human intelligence side of business to drive sustainable transactional results. The hearts and minds of people in a company are critical to ethical and integrated decision-making and wiser actions, after all.

After participating in the master class sessions, participants would be able to see risk governance in a new light which would enable them to evaluate whether their organization's enterprise risk management is expanding the mindsets (i.e. qualitative) of their people with evidence (i.e. quantitatively).

Find the application link below to register, if you're interested in finding the answers to these important questions:

How, on a daily basis, do people in your company effectively:

- aware of the changing business environment that would determine the success of decisions?
- arrive at informed decisions?
- communicate perspective with stakeholders?
- monitor & control uncertainty?

All professionals who think for a living in Financial and Non-financial organizations (Boards, C suites, HRMs, Risk Specialists, Legal & Compliance Officers, IT Professionals, Market Analysts, Political Administrators, Safety & Security Strategists, Oil & Gas Asset Managers, Supply Chain strategists Senior Managers & Top talents) are invited to the last Risk Governance Master Class series in Lagos.

Apply to participate here: http://registration.ermaglobalseries.com

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Program Approach

The program will be delivered using the following methods:
  • Practice sharing
  • Lectures, case studies, and exercises

Who Should Participate?

- Executive Directors
- Non-Executive Directors
- Chairperson and members of Audit Committee
- Chairperson and members of Risk Oversight Committee
- Chairperson and members of Corporate Governance Council
- Chairperson and members of Ethics Committee
- Chief Audit Executive
- Chief Risk Officer
- Senior risk practitioners
- Talents for future directors.

Registration Fee

Registration fee depends on the chosen program that you would like to participate. There are 2 programs offered in Risk Governance Master Class in Nigeria:
Early Bird

  • Training: USD 550
  • Training + Certification: USD 900

Normal Price

  • Training: USD 650
  • Training + Certification: USD 1000

*Seats are limited, early registration is encouraged.

Register Now

For registration or more information regarding the program, email us at event@erm-academy.org. You can also access our online registration by clicking the button below.