July 5, 2022 Tuesday,10:00 AM

Risk Governance Master Class – Online Training

Digital transformation is right on its way, in a fast-lightning speed. New environment has been creating new set of threats, regulations, competition settings, besides also new opportunities for global corporations. An effective and integrated practice of Good Corporate Governance and Risk Management at the Board level, or is known as Risk Governance, is mandatory in creating and protecting companies' value in this volatile environment.

Program Approach

The program will be delivered using the following methods:
  • Practice sharing
  • Lectures, case studies, and exercises

Who Should Participate?

- Executive Directors
- Non-Executive Directors
- Chairperson and members of Audit Committee
- Chairperson and members of Risk Oversight Committee
- Chairperson and members of Corporate Governance Council
- Chairperson and members of Ethics Committee
- Chief Audit Executive
- Chief Risk Officer
- Senior risk practitioners
- Talents for future directors.

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Registration Fee

Training : USD 300
Training + Certification : USD 750

For further information about this program, please contact: event@erm-academy.org, or through one of our registration channels:

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