June 20, 2019 Thursday,10:00 AM

Risk Governance Master Class – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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The dynamic future of the global convergence is expected to bring opportunities for global corporations, but can create massive threats for corporations who are not well prepared. One of the mandatory tickets to facing globalization, is an effective Good Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management practices at the board level, known as Risk Governance.

To achieve effective risk governance, companies must identify the present and future risks that might arises, determining the right measures to mitigate these risks. Therefore, this Risk Governance Master Class is designed specifically for senior managers and board members who are in charge of the implementation of effective Control Environment and Risk Oversight.

Program Approach

The program will be delivered using the following methods:
  • Practice sharing
  • Lectures, case studies, and exercises

Who Should Participate?

The program is designed for member of corporate and public supervisory boards, member of executive boards, and the talent pools of listed and large corporations :

  • Executive Directors
  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Chairperson and members of Audit Committee
  • Chairperson and members of Risk Oversight Committee
  • Chairperson and members of Corporate Governance Council
  • Chairperson and members of Ethics Committee
  • Chief Audit Executive
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Senior risk practitioners
  • Talents for future directors

Registration Fee

Registration fee depends on the chosen program that you would like to participate. There are 2 programs offered in Risk Governance Master Class in Vietnam:

  • Training: USD 750
  • Training + Certification: USD 1125


*Seats are limited, early registration is encouraged.

Register Now

For registration or more information regarding the program, email us at event@erm-academy.org. You can also access our online registration by clicking the button below.