June 25, 2020 Thursday,7:00 AM

Webinar: Why Boards Should Pay Attention to Cybersecurity?

Program Synopsis

Due to high digital connectivity, low cybersecurity awareness, growing cross-border data transfers, and weak regulations, Asia is a prime target for cyber criminals. The mass migration to work from home in response to the pandemic has further intensified the threat of severe security breaches. Instinctively, boards might understand the potential damage a breach can do, but there is often a knowledge deficit that hampers boards’ capacity to stay on top of this complex and dynamic risk. Most boards simply do not pay much attention to cyber security.
Cyber risk management is a critical element for every business (regardless of its size or sector) to thrive in a digitally connected world. Boards have a key role to play in ensuring an effective strategy is in place. This webinar will help participants to:
- Better understand the board and senior management’s roles and responsibilities related to cybersecurity, particularly during times of crisis.
- Manage risks and challenges by utilizing appropriate cybersecurity strategies and crisis response practices.

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