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Provide opportunities for risk professionals in your country to advance their careers with ERMA's certifications.

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Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA) is a global learning centre for professionals in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) which provides a comprehensive set of ERM courses, certifications, and facilitates collaboration efforts of Enterprise Risk Management professionals around the world.

ERMA offers 3 ERM Certifications for 3 different levels of Risk Management proficiency:

  • ERMAP: For professionals or students with less than 3 years of Enterprise Risk Management experience.
  • ERMCP: For professionals with a minimum of 3 – 6 years of Enterprise Risk Management experience.
  • CERG: For professionals with a minimum of 15 years of experience, with exposure to senior or board roles.

Partnering with a reputable certification body like the Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA) can provide numerous benefits for training companies and consultants that offer risk management certification programs to local risk professionals in their country.

What Should You Consider About a Partnership With ERMA?

Access to High-Quality Content and Resources

ERMA is a leading certification body in the risk management field and has developed a comprehensive curriculum and resources for its certification programs. By partnering with ERMA, you will have access to these resources and be able to provide high-quality training to your students.

Enhanced Credibility and Recognition

Partnering with a reputable certification body like ERMA can enhance the credibility and recognition of your training programs. This can help you attract more students and build a strong reputation in the risk management field.

Opportunity to Expand Your Reach

ERMA has a global network of professionals and organizations in the risk management field. By partnering with ERMA, you will have the opportunity to expand your reach and connect with a wider audience.

Professional Development Chances

ERMA often provides professional development opportunities for its instructors, which can help improve their knowledge and skills in the risk management field. This can be beneficial for your company and instructors, as it can help ensure that your training programs are of the highest quality.

These benefits can help you succeed in your business
and provide value to your students as they pursue risk management certifications.

What Our Partners Say About ERMA

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Certified professionals completing the ERMA program will have the knowledge and capability of guiding their organization in the development and implementation of important risk management policies and practices.

Timothy Corbett SmartRisk President & ERMA Board Member

ERMA certification provides an excellent foundation to build a future career in the field of risk management.

Martin Loosemore UNSW Australia & ERMA Board Member

ERMA certification helps us be sure that there is a process and structure to help us through some of the most confronting issues which we and our organisations face.

Colin Adams ERMA Board Member

I already hold several other credentials from renown institutions, yet I feel that the ERMCP has given me an edge over peers. I'd encourage any employer with openings in Risk Management role to look for the ERMCP on the resumes they review.

Mahmoud Elbagoury ERMA Program Director for MENA Area

Learn More About ERMA Partnership

The programs will depend on ERMA's annual agenda. However, partners usually cooperate ERMA preparatory and assessment sessions for ERMAP (Enterprise Risk Management Associate Professional), ERMCP (Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional), and CERG (Certified in Enterprise Risk Governance).

Yes, ERMA will provide toolkits and materials in ERM. If needed, ERMA may provide technical expertise and facilitate an orientation program and training-of-trainer (TOT) workshops.

More information on the partnership exploration will be provided by email.

Individual and organizations can propose their interest to become ERMA’s regional partner in a region. The ideal partner should be those who have been advocating Enterprise Risk Management in an area, and have good network to local risk professionals.

You will gain more exposure as we promote you as one of our regional partners, more networks, and more experience in ERM. Other than that, our partnership will be managed under a revenue-sharing model for programs in which you will cooperate.

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