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ERM Certifications

Value of ERM Certifications

ERM is comparatively a new field of management. With the release of the ISO 31000 standard, it has become a priority item for organizations to adopt and implement. A certified ERM professional would be able to guide the organization to put in place policies and practices that meet the ISO 31000 requirements and ensure its proper implementation and adoption.
Moreover, a certified professional would also help the organization in ensuring that the ERM policies and practices are implemented in the organization in an effective and efficient manner. Conceptualizing the policies and practices, designing the systems and procedures, and implementing them would require ERM professionals who have the right mix of technical and behavioral competencies. In particular, a certified ERM professional would enable the employer to:
  • Have a clear and concise understanding of the competencies needed by an employee who holds the ERM responsibilities
  • Prepare and develop the employee to handle the responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner
  • Get the employee certified through a thorough and proficient program of certification that matches the ISO 31000 requirements and
  • Prepare a cadre of ERM professional within the Employer organization

Enterprise Risk Management Certifications by ERMA

Our ERM certifications are designed on the ground of ISO 31000 Risk Management International Standard. The ERMA certification standard is on its way to become a fully recognized global certification.

Using a comprehensive assessment framework, all candidates will be evaluated thoroughly in every relevant aspect of ERM. Our Assessment Board, which consists of some of the most recognizable names in Enterprise Risk Management, will ensure that all certification holders have the integrity, knowledge and skill required by the ERMA professional code of conduct.

Our ERM certification can be obtained in accordance with your experience and knowledge in Enterprise Risk Management

ERMA is offering three ERM Certification: ERMAP, ERMCP, and CERG. Learn more about our ERM certifications to find out which one suits you.