What is the Provisions?

The ERMA Provisions Program is a limited program offered to enable risk practitioners in obtaining the CERG professional designation issued by ERMA (Enterprise Risk Management Academy). By participating in this program, risk practitioners are required to submit their credentials in risk management field, and exempted from the obligation to participate in the regular ERMA assessment.



Obtaining CERG through Provisions

Below are the steps of getting CERG through Provisions.


Minimum Requirements for Provisions Program

The prerequisites to obtain CERG through Provisions Program are as follows:

  • Minimum education or credentials:
    Master degree in related field or 2 related professional certifications
  • Years of experience in related field:
    5 years of experience in Risk Management (may be substituted by 2 years in Risk Management and 5 years in related fields)
  • Experienced verifiers:
    3 persons
  • Recommendation letter:
    3 recommendation letters


How much is the assessment?

The Provisions registration fee is USD 525, which includes:

  • Provisions administration
  • E-certificate (after you pass the assessment)

Any questions regarding ERMA Certifications?     Contact ERMA Helpdesk

Any questions regarding ERMA Certifications?

Contact ERMA Helpdesk