Antonius Alijoyo

April 10, 2023

Dr. Antonius Alijoyo, ERMCP, CERG, CRMA, CCSA, CFSA, CFE, CGEIT. The chairperson of ERM Academy who has more than 30 years of professional experiences in various industries for instance fast moving consumer goods, construction & infrastructure, cement, textile, banking, public sector, insurance, conglomeration and education which focuses on GRCS (governance, risk management, compliance, and sustainability). He has been a practicing independent commissioner and board committee’s chair and/or members for the last 15 years especially in the financial services industry and conglomeration, whilst consistenly teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate programs at some universities for the last 25 years. He holds also some professional certifications in the field of GRCS. Antonius completed his MBA in Marketing and MM in Finance in 1988 and 1992 respectively, and then earned his Ph.D in Economic in 2013 with a specialization on corporate governance. He has written several books on corporate governance and risk management and participated as resource speaker in many large scale international conferences and master class series across the globe among others are America, Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, UK, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia-Pacific.

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Aldi Ardilo

January 11, 2023

Aldi Ardilo Aldi Ardilo is an executive director at Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA Pte Ltd) and the founder and chief executive of CyberWhale. He graduated with a bachelor’s of psychology, concentrating in industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology, and he got his Master’s in Business Administration in Japan. With over seven years of experience in risk management, quirky creativity, and a human-centric approach, together with his team, he has built several applications and creative content to help an organization to strengthen its risk-aware culture, including an enterprise risk management (ERM) control panel to manage organizational risks in an integrated manner. He further fitted up his skillset with knowledge about cyber security dan data governance to ensure all activities are in compliance with the relevant data regulation (e.g. EU GDPR, Indonesian Law No. 27 of 22, etc.) and secured. At the moment, he’s pursuing his doctoral degree in Middlesbrough, UK, where he focuses his research on the interrelationships between individuals’ psychological processes and their organizations’ risk management maturity and risk leadership.

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Reynaldi Hartanto

January 11, 2021

Reynaldi Hartanto Reynaldi Hartanto is Program Director of ERMA and Chief Product Officer at CyberWhale, with 7 years experience of helping organizations in building risk culture, implementing risk management systems, and handling data governance. Specializing in Risk Management, Data Protection, and Integrated GRC, Reynaldi uses that experience to help organizations implement integrated risk management by combining people, process and technology aspects together. His main interests in work are understanding people’s needs and behavior when interacting with technology and systems, executing robust systems with the compliance of data governance, and creating creative contents to enhance people’s knowledge in risk management.

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