Colin Adams

Advisory Board

Mr. Adams has over 25 years experience in international business and relations. For 15 years he has managed and led teams in emerging and developing markets in turnaround, change and general management with a cross-cultural focus. He has led and managed projects involving a wide range of stakeholders including large multinational corporations, smaller companies, public sector and government agencies in Australia, South America and Asia. Mr Adam's ability to formulate complex business and coordination strategies and implement them has been developed from an extensive industry background in energy, telecommunications, technology, infrastructure, mining, agribusiness, IT and Knowledge Management.

As a diplomatic service representative he deployed diplomatic and negotiating skills with a particular emphasis on relationship building, change management and high level advocacy to government in difficult and changing environments. Mr Adams has had a particular focus on international development issues in recent years and currently runs Cardno Emerging Markets Private Client practice, which deploys Cardno’s considerable global expertise in development to the private sector market. He is particularly interested in approaches to pricing social risk to allow for investment-style decisions around risk mitigation and in complexity methodologies for achieving and measuring change in social systems.