Privacy Policy

ERMA is committed to your privacy, and we are taking the best possible security measures to prevent third party abuse of your personal data.  Your collected personal information is only used to serve a limited purpose. ERMA may use some basic information you provided (name, position) for socialization purpose. Nevertheless ERMA will not share any additional personal details (email address, phone number) to any third parties. You have the ability correct inaccuracies in your personal data. For this purpose, please contact us at

Impartiality Policy

As a global learning centre for professionals in Enterprise Risk Managementwho provides a comprehensive set of Enterprise Risk Management courses and certifications, being impartial is necessary to deliver the professionalism and credibility of the certification process. ERM Academy objective is to ensure that impartiality is maintained as an integral part of the certification process.
The following controls shall be implemented, maintained and complied with by all staffs, national coordinator staffs, and certification staffs to ensure this impartiality policy is maintained throughout the certification process activities.
  1. ERMA are treated all its applicants, candidates, certified persons fairly and without bias.
  2. ERMA certification shall not be restricted on the grounds of undue financial or other limiting conditions, such as membership of an association or group. ERM Academy shall not use procedures to unfairly impede or inhibit access by applicants and candidates.
  3. ERMA certification staffs shall be responsible for the impartiality of its certification activities and shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.
  4. All ERMA certification staffs shall declare any potential conflict of interest in any candidate.
  5. When allocated to the examination, if an examiner has a potential conflict of interest in the examination of a candidate, ERMA certification staffs shall undertake measures to ensure that the confidentiality and impartiality of the examination are not compromised.
  6. When allocated to the assessment, if other personnel involved in the assessment have a potential conflict of interest in the examination of a candidate, the certification body shall undertake measures to ensure that confidentiality and impartiality of the examination is not compromised.
  7. The decisions for granting, maintaining, recertifying, extending, reducing, suspending or withdrawing certification shall not be outsourced and it shall be made solely by the certification body on the basis of the information gathered during the certification process. Personnel who make the decision on certification shall not have participated in the examination or training the candidate.
  8. When allocated to appeals against decision on certification, ERMA shall ensure that the decision-making personnel engaged in the appeals-handling process are different from those who were involved in the decision being appealed.
  9. When allocated to complaints, ERMA shall ensure that the decision to be communicated to the complainant shall be made by, or reviewed and approved by, personnel not previously involved in the subject of the complaint.