Lead Risk Governance in Full Confidence

As a senior corporate leader, you have a significant responsibility to ensure that your organization is able to identify and mitigate potential risks that could impact its performance, reputation, and financial stability.

Obtaining a risk governance certification like the CERG from a reputable certification body like the Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA) can provide several benefits to help you succeed in your role and drive positive outcomes for your organization.

Who should apply?

CERG is ideal for professionals with a minimum of 15 years of experience, with exposure to senior or board roles.

CERG is given to high-ranking officers and decision-makers who can demonstrate their competency through superior knowledge and experiences in assuring and overseeing the Enterprise Risk Management implementation in their organization.


Enhance your understanding of risk management and governance

The CERG certification program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of risk governance principles and practices. By completing the program, you will gain valuable knowledge and insights that can help you effectively oversee the risk management process in your organization.

Increase your credibility and recognition in Enterprise Risk Management

Holding a CERG certification from ERMA demonstrates to your peers and stakeholders that you have the expertise and dedication to succeed as a risk governance leader. This can help increase your credibility and recognition in the industry and enhance your reputation as a leader.

Improve your organization’s risk management effectiveness

As a senior corporate leader, you have the ability to influence the risk management practices of your organization. By earning the CERG certification, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead and oversee the risk management process, which can help improve your organization’s risk management effectiveness.

Expand your network and get more professional development opportunities

Certification programs often include networking events and professional development opportunities, which can help you connect with other professionals in the risk governance field. These connections can be valuable for sharing ideas and knowledge, as well as for finding new job opportunities.

Obtaining CERG

CERG certification can be obtained through the CBA (Competency-Based Assessment) provisions program.

The provisions for CERG process costs USD 525, which includes:

Provisions administration
Certification fee

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