Program Overview

Aiming to bring the best governance practices to the ASEAN region, especially in the positive governance of risk-taking, we are pleased to announce that we have joined The DCRO Institute as a global Affiliate Partner with a focus on the ASEAN region. The DCRO Institute is a global collaborative of board members and c-level executives that offers a comprehensive library of on-demand courses, study programs, director development tools, networking, and sharing of best practices to foster better risk governance at organizations of all types.

As a global Affiliate Partner, ERMA will bring its extensive network to fully support The DCRO Institute's educational programs and credentials like the globally recognized Certificate in Risk Governance® and the Qualified Risk Director® designation.

This programme is available for our ASEAN region audiences. Enter the code of dmd50 for a 50% discount available to those in developing markets.

Special Courses

Fundamentals of Cyber Risk Governance

This is an introductory course for current and aspiring directors and executives who seek a better understanding of technologies for strategic growth. Along with these technologies come challenging risks, of which you must be aware. An agnostic approach is taken to teaching, meaning the content is relevant for all industries and geographies. No technical knowledge or previous experience is required.

The course contains of 5 key modules:

  1. Cyber as a Strategic Issue and a Systemic Risk
  2. Boards and the Governance of Cyber Risk
  3. Unmasking the Enemy
  4. Cyber Defense Best Practices
  5. Cyber Incidence Preparation and Response
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The Certificate in Cyber Risk Governance

Ten critical lessons for current and aspiring board members who seek to effectively oversee cyber risk and the use of technologies as part of their fiduciary duties. Lectures and case study interviews featuring leading directors, c-level executives, law enforcement, intelligence, and technology experts, give you essential practical knowledge to be more effective in boardroom strategic planning and oversight.

The course contains of 10 key modules:

  1. Cyber as a Strategic Issue and a Systemic Risk
  2. Unmasking the Enemy
  3. Cyber Incident Preparation and Response
  4. Technology Risk Governance
  5. The Use of Third Party Service Providers
  6. The Use of Cloud Technologies
  7. How to Safely Deploy Emerging Technologies
  8. Data Security
  9. Cyber Defense Best Practices
  10. Boards and the Governance of Cyber Risk
Register now with 50% scholarship discounts!