About ERMA

ERMA Governance

The organization of ERMA consists of 3 bodies: Certification Board, Advisory Board, and Executive Board. This board structure is developed to ensure the effectiveness and the independence of ERMA as a certification body.

Certification Board

ERMA Certification Board is a body appointed by the Chairman, that acts as an independent standards-setting agency within ERMA. The Certification Board’s objective is to develop and determine globally-accepted competency standards to be used as ERMA’s global standards. It also has the responsibility to grant or deny certification applications for three levels of ERMA certifications.

Advisory Board

ERMA Advisory Board consists of leaders and experts in risk management from around the world. Their experience and insight guide ERMA in specific issues associated with different areas of risk management. The formation of the Advisory Board is aimed to help ERMA keep abreast on Risk Management development and practices from all over the world. By tapping into the knowledge and expertise of distinguished panel members consisting of thought leaders and leading practitioners, with different backgrounds from all parts of the world, ERMA has a very strong and comprehensive global perspective on the various aspect of Risk Management.

Executive Board

ERMA Executive Board is the management arm of ERMA. The Executive Board designs and executes ERMA programs in every country of operations. It consists of ERMA key partners from each region, and coordinated through ERMA Global, ensuring that ERMA remains responsive to the evolving needs of risk professionals at both the global and regional scope.