ERMA for Seasoned Professionals

Deepen your understanding & application of risk management strategies

Aimed at professionals with considerable experience in the field, this line is crafted to enhance your expertise and keep you updated with the latest trends in risk management. It offers advanced training, master classes, and access to exclusive conferences, allowing you to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. This selection is for those who aspire to push the boundaries of their knowledge and drive innovation within their organizations.

The focus is on deepening your understanding and application of risk management strategies, enabling you to tackle complex challenges with confidence. Through ERMA’s comprehensive approach, you’ll refine your skills, contribute to your organization’s resilience, and cement your status as a leader in the field.


Empower Your Expertise with ERMA's Global Certification

Elevate your professional stature in today’s dynamic market. Our globally recognized certification program not only benchmarks your skills but also endorses your potential to lead and innovate in your field. Join a network of world-class professionals and gain a competitive edge.

Explore ERMA certifications suitable for seasoned professionals below.

Enterprise Risk Certified Professional (ERMCP)
Enterprise Risk Certified Professional (ERMCP)

Signifies in-depth expertise in Enterprise Risk Management strategies, this certification is ideal for professionals aiming to integrate risk into organizational decision-making.

Certified in Enterprise Risk Governance (CERG)
Certified in Enterprise Risk Governance (CERG)

Tailored for organizational leaders, this certificate validates the expertise required to foster a proactive risk culture, develop robust governance structure, and align risk management with overall business strategy.

Conferences & Seminars

Expand Your Horizon: Leading Conferences Worldwide

ERMA’s global conferences are more than events; they are epicenters of industry evolution. Engage with thought leaders, pioneers, and peers in groundbreaking discussions. Explore trends, insights, and strategies shaping the future of your industry. Expand your network, elevate your knowledge.

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Training & Master Class

Craft Your Risk Mastery

Dive deep with ERMA specialized trainings and master classes. Led by industry leaders, these sessions are crafted to refine your skills and catapult your expertise. Whether you’re honing existing skills or exploring new horizons, ERMA programs are your ladder to professional growth.

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Interactive Courses

Learn Anytime, Anywhere with ERMA Interactive Courses

Access world-class education at your fingertips. ERMA’s comprehensive interactive courses blend advanced knowledge with flexibility, catering to professionals on the move. Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date content, interactive sessions, and practical insights.

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Engage with ERMA Experts in Real-Time

ERMA webinars bring you face-to-face with industry leaders, offering live insights and interactive learning. Stay informed about the latest trends and best practices, and engage in valuable Q&A sessions. A seamless blend of convenience and quality education.

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