About ERMA

A Global Learning Centre for Risk Professionals

ERMA is established as a global learning centre for professionals in Enterprise Risk Management. ERMA provides a comprehensive set of Enterprise Risk Management courses, certifications, and facilitates collaboration efforts of Enterprise Risk Management professionals around the world.

A Global Risk Society
ERMA has thousands of members from more than 100 countries, spreading from America and Asia, to Australia, Africa, and Europe. ERMA is an organization driven by its experienced professional society.
Various Professional Backgrounds
Our members range from business owners to government officials, from CEOs to Chief Risk Officers, and from undergraduate students to doctorate candidates.
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ERMA Program Pathways

Explore a diverse range of ERMA programs designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills in risk management principles and practices.

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Offering knowledge from basics to advanced, we equip professionals with the knowledge and tools needed for success in any risk scenario.