ERMA Membership

Welcome to ERMA Membership

RMA is a global learning centre for professionals and practitioners in the field of Enterprise Risk Management, and was established to facilitate collaboration between Enterprise Risk Management professionals and practitioners around the world to help promote and practice Enterprise Risk Management at their workplace.

To become an ERMA member, you need to be a certified risk professional that has obtained one of ERMA’s professional designations in Enterprise Risk Management.

Benefits of ERMA Membership

As a member ERMA, you have access to a wide array of features that benefit you as a risk professional:

  • Enjoy a special rate for selected courses and certification
  • Subscription to ERMA RiskView newsletter
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Discounted fees for ERMA programs
  • Networking with Enterprise Risk Management practitioners around the world

These benefits will help you succeed in becoming a better risk professional in today’s market. The ERMA membership is designed to help risk professionals in various industries become more efficient, effective, and innovative in their careers.

Get access to ERMA RiskView

By registering yourself as an ERMA member, you have instant access to RiskView, ERMA’s monthly newsletter that aims to keep its subscribers informed about the latest developments in risk management. RiskView features exclusive articles, interviews, and Risk Management news from all over the globe.