What is the EBA?

EBA or Exam-Based Assessment, is part of the ERMA Certification Pathways enabling a candidate to participate in a professional assessment that leads to one of ERMA’s professional designations. The EBA is available through two sub-pathways: The online EBA, where participants take an online exam, and the onsite EBA, where participants write a paper-based test conducted in a physical facility prepared by an Exam Partner, officially appointed by ERMA.



Obtaining ERMAP through EBA

Below are the steps of getting ERMAP through an Exam-based Assessment.



What will be assessed in the EBA?

In the EBA, the assessment focuses on Technical Competency as well as the Behavioral Competency. The technical competency section is divided into 3 components: Principles of Risk Management, Risk Management Framework, and Risk Management Process. The behavioral or soft competencies part assess you through questions that focus on disclosing examples of the participant’s past professional behavior.

Each component of the technical competencies has four levels of proficiency from level 1 to level 4, as can be seen in the ERMA competency standard.


How many questions are there in the EBA?

The EBA consists of 150 multiple choice questions, divided into two question types:

  • Technical Competency Section: The first part of the exam contains 140 questions, each worth 1 point. The questions focus on Enterprise Risk Management technical competency, and each of them represents a certain level of proficiency.
  • Behavioral Competency Section: The second part of the exam contains 10 behavioral competency questions, each worth 2 points.

What is the passing grade?

The maximum score of the EBA is 160 points, and the required passing grade for ERMAP is 60% of the maximum score or 96 points.


Will I receive any reading materials?

Once registration is complete, you will have 20-day access to our EBA Portal. During that time, you can access:
  • Exam study materials (6 modules), to help you study for the exam
  • Exam simulation, to familiarise yourself with the exam format

The EBA reading material series, consists of the 6 modules, as follows:

  1. Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management
  2. Introduction to ISO 31000
  3. Principles of Risk Management
  4. Framework of Risk Management
  5. Process of Risk Management
  6. ISO 31000 Glossary
Our reading material covers all aspects of the exam to help you to prepare for the exam. In addition to these materials, we also suggest you obtain a copy of the ISO 31000.

How much is the exam?

The EBA registration fee is  USD 525, which includes:
  • A 20-day access to the ERMA Exam Portal
  • Exam study materials (6 modules), to help you in facing the exam
  • Access to Exam simulation, to familiarize yourself with the exam format
  • Exam fee
  • Certification fee should you pass the exam

Any questions regarding ERMA Certifications?     Contact ERMA Helpdesk

Any questions regarding ERMA Certifications?

Contact ERMA Helpdesk