Risk 2020: Rethinking Global Risk

How well are you prepared to face global risk? Do you need an additional level of preparedness in your organization? If you are interested to learn more about rethinking global risk, we invite you to follow our webinar and get some insights on how a holistic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework. Hosted by Marc Schaedeli, this session will help you to better anticipate global risk and reduce the exposure for your organization. Marc Schaedeli is CEO of The Consulting Group AG. He is a qualified food technologist (ETHZ). Marc brings extensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) expertise, including Loss Prevention, Business Continuity, Captive Management, and Risk Financing. He is an experienced risk assessment facilitator (for 750+ businesses and/or projects) with 20 years’ experience in risk management. He also played a pivotal role in governance and compliance, human rights, and task force management activities (Listeria, SARS, Flu Pandemic, Ebola, etc.).