ERMA Continuing Development Program (CPD) for Certification Holders

All ERMA certification holders are required to participate in ERMA Continuous Professional Development (CPD). In the CPD, you are invited to be actively involved in various professional development activities to obtain Professional Development Units or PDUs. Every ERMA certification is valid for two years, and you must obtain the required numbers of PDUs to renew and maintain your ERMA certification.

We believe that professional development activities must also take place outside your regular job or regular training activities.That is precisely why ERMA is introducing a way to maintain and continue to develop your competence in Enterprise Risk Management, by participating in various professional activities that will be awarded by PDUs.

PDUs are issued by ERMA to quantify the professional development activities conducted by every ERMA certification holders, and it is required to maintain each certification (ERMAP, ERMCP, CERG). We should add that it is also a good way to keep track and support your ongoing educational and professional development.

PDUs Requirements

For each ERMA certification, the PDUs requirements are different, respective of your certification level:

  • ERMAP: 30 PDUs
  • ERMCP: 40 PDUs
  • CERG: 50 PDUs

Certification Validity and Renewal

ERMA certification has a validity period of two years.

To renew and maintain your certification, you would be required to obtain a specific amount of PDU and commit a renewal and maintenance fee of USD 150 per two years.

Upon the two years cycle validity expiry of your certification, you will be asked to complete the renewal fee using our secure online payment system.

Recognized Professional Activities

We acknowledge a wide variety of activities as part of the Continuing Professional Development. This way, you will be able to find professional activities that are suited to your time, budget, and interests.

Essentially, the Continuing Professional Development acknowledges the following professional activities:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Participations in ERMA Global Series
  • Participations in Acknowledged Seminars or Workshops
  • Public Writings and Publications
  • ERMA Content Contributions
  • Participations in ERMA Peer Assessment

PDUs is only awarded to professional activities conducted within your certification validity period.

Accumulation of PDUs

If you have successfully obtained more PDUs than the required amount for your certification, you may allocate your PDUs surplus for the following renewal cycle.

To qualify in the PDUs accumulation, you must submit your PDUs within the validity cycle time of your certification.

The maximum allowed amount for PDUs accumulation is:

  • ERMAP: 5 (five) PDUs
  • ERMCP: 15 (fifteen) PDUs
  • CERG: 25 (twenty five) PDUs

Remember that a professional activity is acknowledged to obtain PDUs only if it is conducted within the validity cycle of your certification.

Any questions regarding ERMA Certifications?     Contact ERMA Helpdesk

Any questions regarding ERMA Certifications?

Contact ERMA Helpdesk