Data Protection and Privacy Essentials (Hybrid in Jakarta, Indonesia)

January 26, 2023

Date: 7-8 Sep 2023 The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region has seen a rapid increase in the use of digital technology, leading to a greater need for data protection and privacy regulations. Many ASEAN countries have implemented laws and regulations to safeguard personal data and protect individual privacy, such as the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act, and Indonesian newly established Personal Data Protection Law. Fascinatingly, the data protection and privacy landscape in ASEAN is diverse, with different laws and regulations in each country. This can create challenges for businesses operating in the region, as they must navigate and comply with multiple legal frameworks. Collaborating with Center for Risk Management and Sustainability (CRMS), ERMA conducts training specifically designed to provide an overview of the key data protection and privacy regulations in ASEAN and help participants understand their obligations under these laws. It will cover topics such as data security, data breaches, data protection impact analysis (DPIA), and cross-border data transfers and provide practical guidance on how to comply with the various legal environments. To provide an overview of data protection and privacy regulations in ASEAN. To understand the key obligations of business under these regulations. To provide a better understanding of the risks emerging from these particular matters – and how to process those risks. To provide practical guidance on compliance with data protection and privacy laws in ASEAN. Professionals working in the field of data protection and privacy, compliance and regulatory affairs, legal, IT, HR, business development, and strategic roles. Companies, particularly decision makers, operating in ASEAN and looking to understand the data protection and privacy landscape in the region. For further information about this program, please contact:, or through one of our registration channels: ERMA Secretariat Zerlitha, Nadiya E: M: +62 87821006401 ERMA Event Christina Chandra, Tasha E: +65 63799323

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