Navigating generative AI risks and regulatory challenges

A benchmarked view of emerging risks

“Generative AI was the second most-frequently named risk in our second quarter survey, appearing in the top 10 for the first time,” said Ran Xu director, research in the Gartner Risk & Audit Practice. “This reflects both the rapid growth of public awareness and usage of generative AI tools, as well as the breadth of potential use cases, and therefore potential risks, that these tools engender.”

In May 2023, Gartner surveyed 249 senior enterprise risk executives to provide leaders with a benchmarked view of 20 emerging risks. The report includes detailed information on the possible impact, time frame, level of attention, and perceived opportunities for these risks.

Third-party viability was the top fast-emerging risk that organizations are monitoring most closely in the 2Q23 survey. Financial planning uncertainty was the third ranked risk, followed by cloud concentration risk. China trade tensions rounded out the top five risks that were split between issues symptomatic of the current broad macroeconomic and geopolitical volatility, and technology-related concerns.


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Written by Help Net Security, 2023