Balancing cybersecurity with business priorities: Advice for Boards

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, it’s more important than ever for Boards and executives to stay informed about the latest advancements and potential risks in technology and digital capability.

In this Help Net Security interview, Alicja Cade, Director, Financial Services, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud, offers insights on how asking the right questions can help improve cyber performance and readiness, advance responsible AI practices, and balance the need for cybersecurity with other business priorities. Cade shares valuable advice for leaders who want to ensure their organizations are equipped to navigate the complex digital landscape of the modern world.

Organizations face an evolving cyber threat landscape these days. Can you provide examples of probing questions that Boards, CEOs, and other executives should ask about technology and digital capability and how these questions can help improve cyber performance and readiness?


Reprinted with permission from Help Net Security. Copyright Help Net Security. All rights reserved.
Written by Help Net Security, 2023