HR Risk Management of Key Employees Leaving

Losing a credible, professional, and important employee can affect your business, and it affects the running of the operation as well. That’s why there are ways that you can always do when it comes to this HR problem in relation to professional risk management scheme.

You can always prevent a credible and good employee through several preventive measurements, such as contracts or agreements. But the best thing is to treat them with respect and fair treatment. There are times that they are leaving not because they find better job, but because their conditions require it (family matters, health issues, etc), and it is crucial that you understand their situation. All you can do is to be supportive and offer help, if you can.

You can also control the loss by avoiding being childish and angry. You can deal with this situation in the most strategic and smartest way – through reduction and prevention strategies. Try to keep them happy; it’s the best preventive way. Don’t forget to compensate them properly and correctly. In case they still need to leave, for no matter whatever reasons, there are some ‘wise’ and smart things that you can do:

  • Ask them not to contact your clients, for professional and ethical reasons
  • Tell them that their leaving will be missed, and in case they want to come back, you will receive them with open hands
  • Offer help to mentor them, in case they are going to the businesses that you know and familiar with

If you manage to do these things, they will see you as a well respected individual, and they are going to respect you for that.

In case you want to prevent any important employees from leaving, you can perform regular survey to know whether they are still passionate to work with you or they have found another passion with others. If you manage to create a comfortable yet professional working setting, it is likely that your employees will decide to stay. Even for good.