The Most Susceptible Countries in Europe

In 2018, there are many hacks activities carried out in UK Parliament, UK’s National Health Service and many of Ukraine’s infrastructures such as central bank and parliament. It is necessary to have good cybersecurity to avoid widespread of hacks and malware.

Why is Malta so susceptible to cyber attacks?
According to the data gathered by Website Builder Specialist, Greece and Malta are the two nations that are more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

This happens because Malta has the highest percentage of internet connections exposure and they lack cybersecurity legislation. Also, there is a poor international collaboration between Malta and other European countries which make the nation exposed to cyber attacks.

To check out the susceptibility, some factors are considered such as the population percentage that is exposed to cybercrime, the average percentage experiencing malware and the nation’s global cyber security rating index. The top five countries vulnerable to cyber attacks include Malta, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.

There are some surprising facts among the data sets. For example, about 24% of Denmark population experience cyber attack and the nation have the highest amount of cybercrime. The country is also in the mid-range of susceptibility. It ranks around 62% high on the World Cybersecurity Index Rating.

Which countries are the most secure in Europe?
The UK ranked among the top five of the most secure nation in Europe. The country also ranks high among the states prepared for cyber attacks. The cybersecurity commitment rating for the country is 78%.

Presently, in the UK new legislation has been proposed to guarantee that all companies have better cybersecurity to avoid attacks. Firms could be fined more than £17m if they refuse to make use of adequate security measures.

Estonia and Finland are the most secure countries in Europe. Finland has the least cybercrime exposure rate, and the country is one of the most prepared countries. Thanks to the nation cybersecurity commitments.

It is not surprising that Estonia is placed second as the most secure countries. The country has the best digital technology in the world using an e-Residency programme. Also, they make use of blockchain technology, and the nation is planning to create its digital currency.

The surprising thing is that Ukraine was not on the list. At the beginning of this year, Petya/NonPetya malware attack penetrated into the nation’s infrastructure. It was alleged to be a cyber attack from Russia.

According to Website Builder Specialist, there wasn’t sufficient data about Ukraine’s cybersecurity approaches. That was why the nation was not included in the list. As a result of the attacks from Russia, the country will be among the most susceptible countries in Europe from cyber attack.